Fall 2008 Issue


Thirty Countries in 30 Years

When Jolene Mullins ’78 first stepped off the plane in Liberia as a young Peace Corps volunteer, she had only been out of the country once. After three decades of dodging gunfire and teaching children about the benefits of Vitamin A, she has very few regrets.
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New Faces in God's House

As the Catholic Church in the U.S. becomes more rooted in the Latin American traditions, a group of young Hispanic lay leaders is emerging – many of them trained at Barry’s Institute for Hispanic/Latino Theology and Ministry.
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And Justice for All

Last summer a group of Barry law students spent a week in New Orleans grappling with the post-Katrina justice system and learning what it means to be a ‘good’ lawyer.
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Show me more than the money

Andreas School of Business alums are among a growing trend of workers who mix corporate culture with community service.
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Walk the line

Barry’s Yucatan Project is helping Mexican children with foot and leg deformities put both feet on the ground.
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Working Without a Net

Physician Assistant Joanie Kemsley ’04 is a lifeline for hardworking Charlotte County residents who just can’t afford to see a doctor.
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The Barry Years

A League of Her Own

Barry’s campus provided Cassandra Roberson ’66 with a little breathing room in the segregated Miami of the 1960s.
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