Fall 2008 Issue

Mother Earth

The Center for Earth Jurisprudence at Barry Law School in Orlando hosted more than 150 environmental activists, members of the scientific community, lawyers and educators from across the country February 29 for the nation’s first-ever Earth Jurisprudence Symposium.

Titled “Framing an Earth Jurisprudence for a Planet in Peril,” the symposium explored the need to re-envision the field of law from an earth-centered perspective, particularly in light of increasing concern about climate change.

The symposium was seen via webcast in six countries (Canada, Ireland, England, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands) and across the United States (Florida Texas, Kansas, North Carolina, Ohio, New York., Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Illinois and Massachusetts).

Symposium speakers included internationally-renowned lawyers, authors, educators and environmentalists. In attendance were: environmental lawyer and author Cormac Cullinan; Donald Goldberg, co-founder of the Center for International Environmental Law and founder of the Climate Law and Policy Initiative; Joseph H. Guth, legal director for the Science and Environmental Health Network; Andrew Kimbrell, environmental lawyer and director of the Center for Food Safety and the International Center for Technology Assessment; Winona LaDuke, program director of Honor the Earth Fund and director of the White Earth Land Recovery Project; and Barbara Wall, special assistant to the President for mission effectiveness, associate professor of philosophy at Villanova University, and editor of Journal for Peace and Justice Studies.

The CEJ is jointly sponsored by Barry and St. Thomas University in Miami. The first of its kind in the United States, the CEJ’s mission is to rethink law and governance in ways that support and protect the well-being of the Earth.