Fall 2009 Issue

Video Podcast: Coming to you ‘live’ from South Florida to Bangkok

In our continuing efforts to reach out to Barry alumni from South Florida to Bangkok we are increasing our online presence. Soon you will begin to see video blogs from members of our office, Barry faculty and staff, your fellow alumni and other special guests.

Some of the videos will be educational and the others will relate to events we are hosting here in Miami. For instance, you might see a member of our Montessori program explain how you can use their methods with your children at home. Then, just prior to a wine tasting event here in South Florida, you may see a video of a Barry professor giving a brief history of wine.

To help us build our ‘virtual’ knowledge base and add to our cast of characters, we want to hear from you. Many of you are renowned in your fields and we want you to share your expertise. If you have tips from your field that you would like to share, send us your video. Videos must be 30 seconds or less and we cannot guarantee that all videos will make it on to the Web site.

To submit videos or questions regarding this project, please contact Patti O’Brien at pobrien@barry.edu.