Fall 2009 Issue

South Florida Alumni Consortium: a ‘stimulus plan’ for our students and new grads

Working in partnership with Florida International and Nova Southeastern Universities, the Office of Alumni Relations and a board of Barry alumni are creating a stimulus plan of their own that includes a series of events and workshops aimed at opening doors and creating new opportunities for area students facing the challenges inherent in today’s tough economic times.

The events will help to increase students’ networking power by teaching them ways to heighten an employers’ or potential client’s interest in what the student is promoting, either their businesses or themselves.

Attorney Marty Cassini ’01, a stimulus project committee member, says that this initiative will be a valuable asset for students looking to establish themselves professionally.

“There was [an event] last month that talked about resume building and how to market yourself via your resume,” Cassini noted, adding that there is a series in the making that will teach all of the basic job, self-marketing and networking skills that students may not learn in the classroom.

Part of Cassini’s role in the stimulus plan initiative is to recruit businesses and professionals to participate as well as to help build a marketing/business strategy for the group. “We have a lot of different initiatives that are really trying to help the universities’ graduates meet people and develop their businesses,” he said.

The plan includes marketing opportunities that are free of cost to participants as well as other similar opportunities that include a fee. “[This plan] is a great search tool for students who are leaving [the universities] to show the world who they are,” Cassini added. “It’s about making yourself visible and being successful as an employee or someone who’s looking to be an employee, so people will know who you are and remember who you are.”