Fall 2009 Issue

Presidential Road Trips

Throughout the spring and fall, Barry University President Sister Linda Bevilacqua, OP, PhD, hosted several alumni gatherings in cities across the country, including Atlanta, Georgia, Washington, D.C., the San Diego/La Jolla area, Los Angeles and San Francisco. An alumni event is always a joyful and noisy occasion, but alumni are especially happy to have the opportunity to share their “Barry stories” with Sister Linda, who is not only the president of their alma mater but also a fellow alumna from the Class of 1962. Conversely, Sister Linda is always eager to update alums on Barry’s recent achievements as well as the University’s plans for the future. “Most attendees do not know each other when they walk in,” Sister Linda said. “They have one thing in common – they went to Barry and they love Barry. By the end of the evening, they are making plans to continue meeting and asking us to come back next year.”

Please check the alumni Web site at www.barry.edu/alumni for more information about upcoming events hosted by the Office of Alumni Relations.

Left to right: Assistant Vice President of Alumni Relations Sean Kramer, Sister Linda and Michele Snyder ’74 enjoy an interactive wine tasting event at Patina restaurant in Los Angeles June 13.
Sister Linda catches up with Distinguished Alumni Award recipient Pamela Simonton’71 June 14 at Asia de Cuba in San Francisco June 14.
Sister Linda takes time out to pose with some Barry students, staff, and alumni during ‘Barry Days’ in Tallahassee March 18.
Sister Linda and our San Diego alumni have a chance to catch up and swap ‘Barry’ stories at a cocktail reception and dinner at Tapenade Restaurant June 12.
Sean Kramer, Louisette Geiss ’95, daughter of DAA recipient Louise McCormick ’69, and Carlos Melendez enjoy a glass of vino and some good conversation at the Los Angeles alumni event.
Sister Linda poses for a picture with Ana Arragat ’09 at the cozy Tasting Room in Chicago October 17.