Fall 2009 Issue

One woman’s passion

Lucrecia Diaz earned a Master of Arts in photography from Barry University in May of 2009, the same month her “Body & Soul” exhibition premiered at the Andy Gato Gallery for a five-month run.

Using dancers from the Miami Contemporary Dance Company, the Miami City Ballet, Next Step Dance, Arte Ego and other professional dance troupes, Diaz created a photographic study of their bodies and movements.

“Dance and dancers have become my new obsession,” say Diaz, a native of Colombia, who worked in the field of international relations for several years before discovering her passion for photography. “My plan is to keep searching for actors, musicians, singers and dancers to photographically document their form, movements, expressions and feelings.”

For her latest project, Diaz is working with the Miami Symphony Orchestra, taking portraits of the musicians with their instruments as well as photographing their daily interactions and rehearsals to show the life of the orchestra from a journalistic point of view.

In April, Diaz also presented a solo exhibition at the Key Biscayne library that celebrated people who serve the community.

“I have always been fond of working with people,” Diaz says. “During my graduate studies at Barry, I started photographing friends and people from my neighborhood concentrating on law enforcement officers and firefighters. I feel that through my images I can convey a visual language based on movements, feelings and expression.”