Fall 2009 Issue

How sweet it is

At the 2009 Fine Arts Senior Exhibition in May, then-senior Nadira Ali unveiled not only the packaging, advertising and promotional products for her imagined company L’Amour Gourmet Chocolate, but she also made the chocolate, handing out free samples to the crowd.

“There has never been anyone who focused on packaging,” Ali said. “They do the letterhead, envelopes or brochures but to actually construct everything, I haven’t seen it before. There are so many aspects of graphic design and a lot of people don’t realize packaging is a part of that.”

To showcase her own graphic design skills, Ali created a wide variety of packaging for a variety of flavors, including milk chocolate, caramel chocolate, dark chocolate, mint chocolate, white chocolate and peanut butter chocolate.

On the wall, Ali displayed a 24 by 48 inch billboard advertising the company’s chocolate library. She also created two 15 by 20 inch posters depicting L’Amour’s Luxury Sipping Cocoa and a L’Amour gift card.

“This show meant a lot to me because it gave me the flexibility of encompassing not just packaging design, but also print design, 3-D design, photography, drawing, and the best part which was making chocolate,” she said.

Ali is currently working as the graphic designer for the nonprofit Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade/Monroe.