Fall 2009 Issue


In October, Scott Weber, associate professor of photography, exhibited a series of photographs depicting rural Southern towns at the Brockway Memorial Library in Miami Shores.

The pictures were taken in the late 1990s while Weber was driving from Florida to Texas, stopping to document the small communities he discovered along the way.

“Most of my work has been centered on the documentation of rural and small town America,” Weber said. “I’m more interested in how small towns look and are different from the built-up areas with the Walmarts and strip malls. There are these little communities in America that don’t buy into the strip mall, cookie-cutter stamp.”

Weber will continue his documentation of small town America with planned trips to Wyoming and Nebraska.

“I’m going to photograph along an old railroad line the government built to bring coal from the huge mines in Wyoming down to the South,” Weber says. “The crews on the trains could only work so many hours and the trains traveled so slowly that it took them days to travel hundreds of miles. So the crews had to keep changing and these little towns sprung up in middle of nowhere to accommodate them.”