Fall 2010 Issue

Arts & Culture

Who doesn’t want a clean house?

Sharinna Ortiz, Emilie Paap, Kathleen Sinagara, Eric Sanchez and Mary Sansone

“The Clean House” by Sarah Ruhl enjoyed a three-night run in the Pelican Theatre April 27-30. The play, which was the senior directing project for Jason Dewitt ’09, takes a look at the crumbling of an American marriage.

In turns biting and hysterically funny, the play focuses on Matilde, a Brazilian cleaning lady who dreams of becoming a standup comedian while working for a couple whose marriage is falling apart. A year prior to her arrival in the U.S., Matilde’s parents died within days of each other. Her mother died while laughing at her father’s joke and her father shot himself shortly after.

The play, which debuted at the Yale Repertory Theater, won the 2004 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, awarded annually to the best English-language play written by a woman, and was a Pulitzer Prize finalist.