Fall 2010 Issue

Arts & Culture

Or a little more culture

Kathleen Robiou, Camorette James and Smyrna Ferguson

Barry’s Department of Fine Arts also presented “The Cultural Museum.” The work is based on George C. Wolfe’s award-winning play, “The Colored Museum,” which takes place partly on an airplane and examines the desire of African-American people to escape the “baggage” of slavery and discrimination. However, in “The Cultural Museum,” the concept is expanded to more closely resemble the ethnic diversity of Barry’s student body.

Through vignettes, spoken word pieces and music, “The Cultural Museum” examines what it is like to grow up as a member of a minority in the United States, and especially in South Florida. Directed by Mcley Lafrance ’10, “The Cultural Museum” was performed in Barry’s Pelican Theatre April 22-25.