Fall 2010 Issue

Features: Very Distinguished

Distinguished Alumna in Podiatry

Marybeth Crane MS ’91, DPM ’94

When she was going through those difficult teen years, Dr. Marybeth Crane, a graduate of Barry University’s School of Podiatric Medicine, received some sage advice from her mother: “If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.”

A different version of that adage came from her cross country coach: “Pain really is temporary and quitting is forever.” Although she may not have appreciated it at the time, today, as a busy doctor in private practice, a mother to three daughters, and avid marathon runner and triathlete, she certainly does.

The best habit I've developed is to write down my goals - spiritual, personal, professional, financial, health - and review them frequently.

“I have personally grown so much stronger through adversity in relationships, becoming a deeper, more fulfilled person and definitely a better mother, daughter and companion,” she says. “Professionally I have learned from all my mistakes and become a better, more comprehensive caring doctor and a much more compassionate employer.”

In private practice for 14 years, Crane is the founding partner of Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas LLP in Grapevine. Since 1998, the practice has grown to include four women doctors and a complete foot health center.

Between the patients and staff, every day in the office is a new adventure. “You never know what’s going to walk in the door.

My patients continue to make me laugh out loud at some of the antics they do to hurt themselves. Athletes are great for comedy,” she jokes. “Add to that the reality TV show that is my staff, and every day is a challenge. You learn to laugh at everything and everyone - especially yourself.”

Crane’s sense of humor is also evident in her popular blog, featured on her website, www.myrundoc.com, which educates runners and triathletes on foot health and injury prevention. In one entry she jokingly extols the benefits of a post-marathon beer, which she claims “can precipitate post-race amnesia making you want to do another one.”

Committed to empowering the next generation of doctors, she also generously contributes to the Dr. Marvin D. Steinberg Podiatric Alumni Scholarship Fund at Barry University, and the Fund for Podiatric Medical Education. Her first book, “If Your Running Feet Could Talk,” was published in April 2009.

After completing almost a dozen marathons, including Boston, New York and Chicago, and three Half Ironman triathlons, Crane says her next challenge is the Inaugural Texas Ironman Triathlon in May 2011.

And what words of wisdom or sage advice does she now pass on to others? “The best habit I’ve developed is to write down my goals - spiritual, personal, professional, financial, health - and review them frequently,” she says. “I tell my students to look at them daily or weekly. When they are in the forefront of your reticular activating system, you will be amazed on how easy it is to say ‘no’ to something that is in conflict with or doesn’t help you reach one of your goals.”