Fall 2010 Issue


Young, smart and fabulously employed

How these six Barry grads launched their brilliant careers

The job market of the past few years has been tough – a bit of an understatement – especially if you’re a young person trying to get established in the field of your choice.

However, the six young alumni profiled here have managed to get their careers off to a great start even in these difficult economic times.

A combination of factors, such as hyper-preparedness, productive internships, a passion for virtual and in-person networking, a willingness to adapt, relocate, work as a temp, and, yes, luck, have all played a factor in their success.

To see exactly how they did it, keep reading. And for tips from Barry faculty, staff and alumni about how to be a savvy job hunter, see our “Chutes and Corporate Ladders” game board.

The early bird

Kristy Singletary ’10
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The campaigner

Joseph Caiazzo ’08
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The ‘temp’

Nattasha Charania ’08
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The interview king

Jerry St. Louis ’09
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The team player

Ashley Likens ’09
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The improviser

Adriana Rullan ’09
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