Fall 2011 Issue

Got Art?

'REVOLUTIONARY' concepts in art and design

In April, the Department of Fine Arts presented FUSION - A Beautiful Blend of Style and Structure at the Broad Center for the Performing Arts. The showcase merged vocal/choral and instrumental music, as well as different genres of dance, and included current and former music/dance students, faculty and guests. The University's orchestra-in-residence, the South Beach Chamber Ensemble, afforded the performers a solid musical frame as they embarked on masterpieces by composers such as Mozart, Haydn and Bach. Conducted by Dr. Beverly Coulter, graduating senior Erica Williams (left) was featured in excerpts from Mozart's "The Magic Flute" (Die Zauberfl├Âte) as the menacing Queen of the Night or K├Ânigin der Nacht. Frederic Bertino (below), another graduating senior, premiered his original composition, "Overture for the Human Spirit-The Shanti Mantras," that united music students, faculty and guests, all under the baton of Italian visiting/guest conductor Pasquale Veleno.