Fall 2011 Issue


Hard Copy

School of Social Work professor Susan Gray, PhD, EdD, LCSW, has written a textbook, "Competency Based Assessments in Mental Health Practice: Cases and Practical Applications."

Geared toward social workers and mental health clinicians, Gray's textbook introduces an innovative new approach to mental health assessment by partnering a competency-based evaluation grounded in strengths and possibilities with other traditional and widely used assessment methods.

Gray's competency-based assessment provides a framework for clarifying the patient's competence by evaluating not only the impact of mental illness, but also the relationship between a client and his or her environment. By evaluating both problems and competencies, Gray's method seeks to provide a more comprehensive view of a patient's "story," rather than defining a patient solely by a mental illness diagnosis.

Gray served as a member of the task force responsible for creating the Advanced Practice in Clinical Social Work Standards for the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

Accounting professor Michael A. Broihahn has co-authored a book titled, "International Financial Statement Analysis."

The book is part of a Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) Institute Investment Series whose lead co-author, Thomas R. Robinson, PhD, is managing director for the educational division of CFA Institute, a global, nonprofit association of investment professionals.

"It was an honor to work on a book that will help finance professionals better understand international standards for accounting policies in companies throughout the world," said Broihahn, who worked on the book over the course of two years.

The book seeks to help professionals in the finance world better understand international financial accounting policies and also serve as a text for students studying the profession. The challenge for many is being able to compare domestic companies with ones overseas on an equal playing field or being able to compare policies "apples to apples." Broihahn and Robinson hope that their book will make the process simpler.