Fall 2011 Issue

Buccaneer athletes shine in the classroom

Barry University's Department of Intercollegiate Athletics announced that, in both semesters of academic year 2010-11, more than 60 percent of Barry's student-athletes compiled a term GPA of over 3.0, with 62.7 percent in the fall and 60.9 percent in the spring. For the program, it was the 11th term in the last 12 that at least 60 percent have achieved a 3.0 GPA or better.

"I am very pleased with these results," Human Performance and Leisure Science Assistant Dean Maritza Ryder said. "It demonstrates that our student-athletes are not only committed to their athletic success, but their academic success as well."

The term-average GPA for all teams was 3.143 in the fall and 3.179 in the spring, the ninth term of the last 11 in which the Bucs have maintained a 3.0 cumulative grade mark.

The women's tennis team ended the volleyball squad's lock on the top spot, which they had held for three terms, in the fall, posting a 3.424 GPA to top all squads. Women's golf took over in the spring with a remarkable 3.646 mark. Men's soccer topped the male sports with a 3.23 mark in the fall and 3.286 in the spring.

A total of 10 student-athletes made the President's List with a 4.0 GPA for the fall semester, while the spring bumped up the total to 15 (including one graduate student). Mark Kilpatrick (men's soccer) and Anne Fourdraine (women's golf) led the way, being named to the President's List for the third time, with Fourdraine getting the distinction in both semesters this year. Alex Decker (baseball), Amanda Frontino (women's basketball) and Joanna Stewart (women's soccer) also earned the award both semesters and have two for their careers. Alicia Guerrero (volleyball) made the list in the fall for the second time, while Daniel Stapff (men's golf) and Grace Collins (softball) made the spring list to earn their second awards.

Hannah Shy (softball), Barbi Pocza (women's tennis), Angie Werschel (women's tennis), Katrina Molfetta (women's soccer) and Willie Whitfield (men's basketball) made the fall list for the first time. In the spring, Chris Carlin (men's golf), Zeina Cline (women's soccer), Kisa Duncan (women's basketball), Amie Manke (volleyball), Louise Perulf (women's golf), Johnny Rodrigues (men's soccer) and Isadora Stapff (women's golf) earned the award for the first time. Graduate student Simon Raagaard (men's tennis) earned his first 4.0 in the spring term, as well.