Past Issues

Barry Magazine Online

Spring 2015

Cover Story: A Living History

Fearures: Sister Stories I Grand Tour I Tennis Ace


Fall 2014

Cover Story: Full of Spirit

Fearures: Close Up I Kitchen Confidential I Fine Art


Fall 2013

Cover Story: A Winning Tradition

Fearures: Learning by Doing I Seeing Stars I Kinetic Kids


Spring 2013

Cover Story: Great Expectations

Fearures: The Ripple Effect I In Defense of Hope I A Step Ahead


Fall 2011

Cover Story: 'And that's the way it is'

Fearures: 'True love' caught on film I Leading with their hearts I From inmate to academic


Fall 2010

Cover Story: Young, Smart and Fabulously Employed

Fearures: Very Distinguished I Far and Away

Spotlights: A Matter of Science I Get a LIFE I All Hands on Deck I Hot Diggity Dog I Chutes and Corporate Ladders


Spring 2010

Cover Story: Oh Me Oh MiMo

Fearures: The Dark Side of the Lens I Keeping the Faith I Fresh from the Garden

Spotlights: Letters for Haiti I An Orthodox Approach I Hypothetically speaking I Whistle while you work


Fall 2009

Cover Story: The Mask Makers

Fearures: Shooting Star I Turnier’s tale I Survival of the fittest I The Puppet Master I Taking it to the Streets

Spotlights: In the Footsteps of St. Dominic I Trials and Jubilations I The Last Reader I Something’s fishy I Credit where credit is due I The Piano Men


Spring 2009

Cover Story: The Great Gig

Fearures: One Super-Cool, Tech-Savvy Teacher to Go, Please I Taking It to the Streets I The Stranger I Young at Heart

Spotlights: Project Barry I Potomac Fever I A Vampire's Vital Molecules I Ready, Set ... Retire?


Fall 2008

Cover Story: ">Thirty Countries in 30 Years

Fearures: Working Without a Net I Show me more than the money I Walk the line I And Justice for All I New Faces in God's House I A League of Her Own

Spotlights: At Home and Abroad I Pumped up I No Child Left Behind I Technical Assist


Spring 2008

To Protect and Serve: Barry's Own Serpico I Joni's Army I Jailhouse Guru I A Few Good Men I Into the Breach I Welcome to the Wild, Wild West

Fearures: Forgotten Daughters I What Lies Beneath I Into the Wild I Watching Grass Grow I Say You Want a Resolution I Real Fit


Fall 2007

Cover Sotry: Excess Baggage

Fearures: Bug Off I Village Voices I House of Blues I Rescue Me I Nursing's Next Crisis

Spotlights: That's a Wrap I Ozark Woman I Who's Dr. Hu? I A Purposeful Life


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Spring 2007