Spring 2008 Issue

Spring 2008 Issue

Dreaming of a ‘White’ Hanukkah


On December 10, pianist Dr. Alan Mason, a BU associate professor of music, performed at the White House for guests at President Bush’s Hanukkah party.

Mason has been teaching piano, music history, and accompanying the choir at Barry University since 1996. He also has a flourishing professional career as a pianist in sacred Jewish music. He has previously performed at the Limmud Conference in Nottingham, England, which celebrates the diversity of Jewish life, and at several national conferences of the Union for Reform Judaism. His music is featured on several CDs of Jewish vocal and choral music, and he has several works published by Transcontinental Music, the world’s premier publisher of Jewish music.

President Bush is the first president to host a Hanukkah party and menorah lighting ceremony for invited guests inside the East Room of the White House.