Spring 2008 Issue

Editor's Letter

In November, Barry University hosted its first-ever Distinguished Alumni Awards, honoring 10 alumni, one from each of Barry’s academic schools, for their career achievement, community service and commitment to the University. The event coincided perfectly with our theme for the spring issue of Barry Magazine, a tribute to Barry alumni who protect and serve.

When planning the issue, we were initially struck by the number of alumni who have made significant contributions in the field of law and law enforcement, such as David Sherman ’91, supervisor of the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Cyber Crimes Unit, who was named 2006 Prosecutor of Distinction by the Miami-Dade County Association of Chiefs of Police, and Hollywood Police Chief Chad Wagner ’91, who is running his nearly 600-person department and working for more community policing in the face of a growing crime wave in South Florida and around the country.

And then there are those like alumna Susan Jeter ’04, the first female commander of the Brevard County Jail, who is working to break the cycle of repeat offenders by introducing innovative programs into the prison, such as Paws and Stripes, which pairs inmates with shelter dogs, giving the dogs a second chance at life and the inmates a chance to bond with an animal and gain skills in dog handling and training. As the director for the 11th Circuit Guardian Ad Litem Program, Joni Goodman ’77 has not only devoted her life to giving abused and neglected children a voice in court, she has amassed an entire ‘army’ of volunteers, government officials, and other advocates who are “moving mountains of bureaucracy” to help South Florida’s most vulnerable children.

Whether on the ‘virtual’ front lines fighting cyber crime; or in the prison system working for ‘one less’ repeat offender; or in the courts climbing mountains of bureaucracy for kids, these Barry alumni truly protect and serve. We hope you are as absorbed by their stories and as inspired by their achievements as we were while putting this issue together.

Paige Stein

Your View

Supply and demand

Thank you for your article in the previous issue (“Nursing’s Next Crisis”) that brought to light the national shortage of nurses and nursing faculty

Two studies conducted in 2007 by the Florida Center for Nursing indicate the nursing shortage persists. Almost 700 employers across the state reported more than 5,000 vacant positions for RNs. Half the responding hospitals reported RN shortages and turnover. While there is great demand by students for nursing that could ease these shortages, nursing programs are unable to respond because faculty shortages are acute. The Center found that more than 10,000 qualified applicants were turned away from nursing programs in 2006-2007. Over 300 unfilled faculty positions exist across the state.

With faculty retirements and not enough replacements, this will exacerbate the problem. The shortage remains a perfect storm. Schools are producing fewer nurses than can meet the workforce demands, while fewer faculty are available to prepare the nurses necessary to replace retiring nurses, at a time when hospitals need more nurses and our citizens are aging and dying of preventable chronic diseases.

Dr. Pegge Bell
Dean, Barry University’s Division of Nursing

Brief and ‘buggy’

I always enjoy reading Barry Magazine. It is very professionally done. I thought the article on Dr. Sanborn and cicadas was very well done (especially color photographs).

William Morrissey
Collection Manager

Creating that college-town feel

In the Village of Miami Shores Chamber of Commerce's most recent newsletter they expressed a desire to have a more active partnership with the University to create the “college town” feel of Miami Shores. The Barry Magazine needs to be distributed throughout the Shores to help foster the relationship. In addition to that, I suggest that the layout get a total renovation starting with more distinctive headlines and placing human interest stories like “Queen of Hearts” up front. Queen Brown is not only an alumna, but one who came back to the comfort of her alma mater in a desperate time of need. We need to convey that to the surrounding community.

Patricia M. Rodriguez
Center for Student and Professional Development Coordinator
School of Social Work