Spring 2009 Issue

Dr. Bradley Haves ’90

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
School of Graduate Medical Sciences

When Dr. Bradley Haves applied to medical school, he narrowed down his options to two institutions: the New York College of Podiatric Medicine and Barry University’s School of Podiatric Medicine.

The Brooklyn native said New York never stood a chance.

“Barry had the only school of podiatric medicine in the country that was on an undergraduate campus. All the other schools were stuck in big buildings. But Barry had trees and a pool and pretty undergraduate girls everywhere. And it was in Miami. What would you choose,” he said

Haves has been in private podiatric medical practice since 1991 and is an attending physician at the Mount Sinai Medical Center Surgical Training Program. Other professional affiliations include Miami Heart Institute, Kendall Regional Medical Center and North Shore Medical Center.

Haves is also an adjunct lecturer for Barry’s School of Podiatric Medicine and in the fall of 2008 he was selected as the Podiatric Alumni Chapter president for the second time. In 1994, he was elected to the Barry University Hall of Fame and was Alumni Volunteer of the Year in 2001. He is also on the Barry Alumni Association Board of Directors and allows third- and fourth-year podiatric students to rotate through his private practice.

In addition to his work with Barry, Haves is a former president of the Dade County Podiatric Medical Association (DCPMA) and has served on its executive committee since 2004. He was also the first vice president of the Florida Podiatric Medical Association and is currently serving as its president.

Haves is committed to various charitable causes including the care and treatment of the elderly and diabetics. As a member of the American Diabetes Association, he has worked to raise awareness and provide care for those suffering with the disease. He was also named a Big Brothers Big Sisters Ambassador of the Year in 2001.

Nineteen years after graduating from Barry University, Haves said he has never second-guessed his decision to move to Miami.

“I remember lying on the beach drinking a really cold frozen drink looking at girls in bikinis while palm trees were waving in the background. I called my best friend in New York and he was shoveling snow off his walk. I knew right then I was never going back.”