Spring 2009 Issue

Louise McCormick ’69

Co-founder and President, McCormick-Green Center for Holistic Therapies
College of Arts and Sciences

One of Louise McCormick’s fondest memories during her time as a student at Barry University involves Sister Margaret James, OP, PhD, a former professor who always had her students’ best interests at heart.

“We were nursing students, so when it came to history class it wasn’t always our number one focus,” McCormick said. “Our history teacher made us give speeches, which none of us looked forward to. But Sister Margaret James had our backs. When it came to speech time she would accidentally displace our history teacher’s habit so she couldn’t go to class that afternoon. That gave us more time to study for our speeches. Sister Margaret James was a saint to all of the students.”

During her almost three decades of teaching medical and surgical nursing at Barry, McCormick took a page out of Sister Margaret James’ book. Her teaching methods were unorthodox as she incorporated holistic therapies into her classes even though her dean disapproved.

“I brought in music and dance and all kinds of holistic advances that work for people. It uplifts spirits and that’s what really mattered to me. Politically, I knew it was going to be a challenge because my dean was not into it but my students loved it.”

McCormick is co-founder and president of the McCormick-Green Center for Holistic Therapies in Wellington, Florida. She is certified in herbal, aroma and Thai massage therapies and received her nursing credentials from Barry University and the University of Maryland.

With both of her parents being holistic physicians, McCormick and her 10 siblings were raised to respect the mind-body-soul philosophy of health. Her mission at the McCormick-Green Center is to explore, discover, research, and integrate ancient healing methods with those of contemporary medical practices.

McCormick studied and received certification in herbal, mind-soul aroma, cranio sacral, and Thai massage therapies in the Amazon, Bahamas, Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, the Netherlands, Thailand and the United States.