Spring 2009 Issue

What’s Old is New Again

The works of Barry’s graduating art, graphic design and photography students were highlighted at the Senior Art & Photography Exhibition December 12-January 30.

The exhibition, held in the new 4,100-square-foot Andy Gato Gallery, featured the works of graphic design students, Elmo Lanclos, Shanna Vollmar, Adlai Moss and Rebecca Warren; photography students Ana Olivares, Idolka Salgueiro and Megan Frank; and studio artists Sonia Neira-Matthews and Julia Snowden.

Pictured below at right is Snowden’s “After Bartolini’s Trust in God.” The work is part of a series of five black and white acrylic paintings of figurative sculptures produced in the 18th and 19th centuries. The paintings’ titles include the sculptors’ name as well as the title of the original sculpture.

Shown above at right is a photograph by Megan Frank. The old-world mom and pop shops, diners and gas stations found on back country roads are the subject of Frank’s work. “From secret recipes to old antiques, these shops hold something unmatched by the modern world,” Frank says of the two-week trip from Ohio to Florida when she shot the pictures for this series. “The people I met and places I visited can best be described as my kind of haven. They’ve given me insight into a world that was before my time.”