Spring 2010 Issue

Having a ball

Barry’s Department of Fine Arts presented Gian Carlo Menotti’s comic opera “Amelia Goes to the Ball” last fall. The combination of sophisticated music and playful subject matter made the show an audience favorite.

Directed by Dr. Beverly Coulter, director of the Opera and Musical Theater, “Amelie Goes to the Ball” ran for two nights, November 21-22, 2009, at the Broad Center for the Performing Arts.

The opera depicts Amelia’s ongoing infidelity as it is brought to light via a rather revealing love note discovered by her husband. As he storms out in search of his enemy, the culprit slinks in through Amelia’s bedroom window. Eventually, the husband discovers him and, after a brief scuffle, both proceed to ignore Amelia, opting instead to go into a long dialogue pertaining to the age old matters of morality and propriety.

Fed up with the men’s inexhaustible banter, Amelia grabs a vase and knocks her husband unconscious. Curious neighbors gradually enter the boudoir along with the authorities, including the chief of police. As the show closes, not only does Amelia skillfully convince the populace of her innocence, but she also manages to have the chief of police escort her to the ball.

“Amelia Goes to the Ball” followed last year’s well-received “L’Elisir D’Amore” (The Elixir of Love) presented by the department and directed by Coulter.