Spring 2010 Issue

Crazy, creative glee that makes you grin

The Naked Stage, Barry University’s professional theater company in residence, now in its fourth season, transformed the Pelican Stage into a post-apocalyptic nightmare during the November 20009 run of “Macon City: A Comic Book Play.”

Set in a fictitious American Metropolis, Macon City chronicles the lives of several local denizens as they struggle to survive in a decaying city, long-since abandoned by the Defenders, a super-powered team of crime fighters.

The production earned rave reviews. The Miami Herald lauded Naked Stage for bringing Macon City “to life with such crazily creative glee that you can’t help grinning as the production’s surprises are revealed.”

Miami New Times lavished praise on the company’s set design which “turns a stage barely bigger than a bathroom into a wonderland of dark alleys, sludge-filled sewers and filthy hidden laboratories.”

The show was directed by Assistant Professor of Fine Arts John Manzelli, who earned a prestigious Carbonell Award nomination for his work as a the show’s lighting designer. It starred students Jasmine Fluker (center), Naja Corbett, Giordan Diaz (left), Jason DeWitt (right) and Dr. Hugh Murphy, assistant professor of Fine Arts, among a cast of South Florida’s top theatrical union actors.

The play was written by Marco Ramirez, “a celebrated young writer who grew up in Hialeah and is now in his second year at New York’s famed Juilliard School,” according to the Herald.