Spring 2010 Issue

Owner’s Manual

Former Sen. Bob Graham visited Barry December 2, 2009, for an event sponsored by the Community Learning Partnership (CLP) of Greater Miami Shores. Graham, author of the book “America: the Owner’s Manual,” delivered a lecture and met personally with more than 100 middle and high school students from across South Florida. Graham’s visit coincided with the CLP’s theme of “Fostering Global Citizenship.”

In his address, Graham stressed the importance of knowing how government works, encouraged students to be proactive in taking government classes while in school and discussed some of his past experiences as a senator. Graham, a veteran politician, served as governor of Florida from 1979 to 1987 and as a United States senator representing Florida from 1987 to 2005. Prior to his retirement from the Senate in 2005, Graham made an unsuccessful bid for the Democratic Party nomination in the 2004 presidential race. Since then, Graham has founded two centers that focus on training future political leaders.

The CLP of Greater Miami Shores was formed in 2008 by leaders of local businesses, organizations and educational institutions, both public and private, to serve as a catalyst for community engagement. The grassroots effort encourages local schools and community leaders to work together on important educational topics and events.