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Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe '96
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A Theological Exploration

Dr. Gloria L. Schaab, SSJ, associate professor of theology and director of Graduate Programs in Theology and Ministry, has authored a new book titled, “Trinity in Relation: Creation, Incarnation, and Grace in an Evolving Cosmos” (Anselm Academic Press, a division of St. Mary’s Press, Winona, WI). Drawing upon the biblical, historical and contemporary theological traditions of Christianity and the insights of the natural, physical and behavioral sciences, “Trinity in Relation” sets forth a theology of the Triune God and in relation who is intimately, unceasingly, and dynamically engaged in the full flourishing of the cosmos and its creatures. It grounds this theological perspective in an understanding that being itself is constituted by relation and focuses on three relations essential to all being: the relations of origin, effect and emergence. This is Schaab’s second book rooted in the dialogue between theology and science.

The Process of Language

Dr. Terry Piper, dean of the Adrian Dominican School of Education, has authored a new book titled, “Making Meaning, Making Sense: Children’s Early Language Learning” (Bridgepoint Education). The book explores the process of language development via concrete exemplars of children learning language in a real-world context. With personal anecdotes and interesting case studies, the text challenges future teachers to think critically about language development and include it as a goal in all their interactions with young children. “Making Meaning, Making Sense” includes a number of features to help students understand key concepts, think critically and apply language acquisition concepts to interactions with children.

A Tale of Two Judges

Jeffrey David Reynolds ’09 has written a novel “Justice Betrayed” published by Sunstone Press. Set in the cities and courthouses, the mesas, mountains, and high desert plains of New Mexico, it tells the story of two judges: one is a respected, seasoned veteran of the bench who has risen from Magistrate Court Judge to District Court and then to the Chief Justiceship of the state’s Supreme Court; the other a young Administrative Law Judge, riveted by his duty and unwilling to be silenced or kept from his sworn oath to uphold the law. Events such as murder trial, a jury deliberating intensely on the death penalty, and a staunch investigation lead to the prize of a vacant U.S. Senate seat. Reynolds is an attorney who served as the Judicial Law Clerk at the District Court in Albuquerque, New Mexico, taking part in major criminal and civil trials during his tenure. He later served as a Judicial Law Clerk for Justice Mary Walters, who was the first woman appointed to the New Mexico Supreme Court in Santa Fe. He also served as Staff Attorney/Pro Se Writ Clerk for the United States District Court of New Mexico. His legal career culminated with an Administrative Law Judgeship/ Hearing Officer position for child support hearings in the northeast quadrant of New Mexico.