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Dr. Sandra Roberts administers a polio vaccination to a child in India as part of a large eradication effort.

Dr. Sandra L. Roberts, assistant professor of business administration in the School of Adult and Continuing Education, traveled to India earlier this year to help administer polio vaccinations to nearly 1,000 children. The trip was part of Rotary International’s global effort to end polio worldwide. Roberts joined Rotary members from nine countries as they traveled to India to immunize children against polio — a crippling disease that still paralyzes and sometimes kills children in parts of the world. The 43-member team visited the country for two weeks. The Rotary is a worldwide humanitarian service organization that has polio eradication as its main philanthropic goal. The Rotary members joined other volunteers and health workers to administer drops of oral polio vaccine during an immunization campaign that targets millions of children under age 5. Tremendous progress has been made in India, with more than 95 percent of children regularly reached during vaccination campaigns. India’s polio eradication effort continues to make strides, having reported just one case in all of 2011. “Until polio is eradicated worldwide, every child remains at risk,” Roberts said. “Although polio is 99 percent eliminated, the final 1 percent is the most difficult. We must continue our efforts until all children are protected against the tragic consequences of this disease.”