Master of Science in Entrepreneurial Management

The Barry Experience

The Master of Science in Entrepreneurial Management (MSEM) is a lockstep program specifically designed to prepare individuals to lead entrepreneurial ventures in a global environment by offering comprehensive study and proficiency enhancement in decision making, human resource responsibilities, entrepreneurial, and management skills. The program is designed for individuals from diverse management undergraduate backgrounds and will provide a high-level of interaction with international organizations and students.

The program allows the student to simultaneously focus on implementing a business model that examines both financial, economic and market fundamentals with human capital elements of management, teaming and leadership. The student will understand and develop leadership skills for the implementation of an entrepreneurial venture from the human side of work, while creating value with an emphasis on sustainability and social justice.

Applying to the msem Program

Graduates of the MSEM program are required to complete 30 credit hours of core coursework. Students without an AACSB-school Bachelor degree with a major in Management or similarly related degree may be required to additionally comply, as applicable, with the MSEM Program workshop requirements.

The MSEM. program has two start terms – fall and spring - allowing you to apply when the time is right for you. If you are ready to begin pursuing an MSEM, then apply now to our internationally-recognized program.