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Course Descriptions

Core Courses

MBA 601 Human Resource Management (3)

This survey course is designed to provide the line manager or staff specialist with an expanded understanding of the processes which management utilizes today to ensure that the right number/quality of persons are being hired, that appropriate governmental regulations are being adhered to, and that the internal policies provide a work environment which encourages cost-competitive labor costs and maximum worker satisfaction.

MBA 604 Research in Management

This course emphasizes developing research methodology. Library resources are used extensively. Research projects are directed at specific industrial segments and a formal research paper developed.

MBA 608 Leadership & Organizational Behavior

A careful analysis of selected behavioral science concepts and their applications to management. Examines the interactions that occur at three different levels: the individual, the group and the organization. Attention is focused on the blending of traditional topics such as perception, motivation and group behavior with current topics which include organizational citizenship behaviors, teamwork, cooperation, conflict, new communication technology, cross-cultural issues, coaching, empowerment and leadership. Prerequisites: BUS 505A.

MBA 652 Management of Diversity

Explores the training and development of a culturally sensitive work force. Examines and explores innovative techniques for dealing with institutional "isms" (e.g., sexism, ageism, etc.), as they relate to management training, conflict resolution, career development, mentoring, performance appraisals, team-building, and peer rating methods.

MBA 682 Competitive Environment & Strategy Formulation

This course introduces the graduate student to the global environment of business, the role and history of business in society, the nature and state of competition and competitive strategy at the corporate, business and operational levels, the relationship among business functions, processes and competencies, the interests of the various stockholders in the firm, and the social and ethical responsibilities of business. The course concludes with a segment on personal career planning. Prerequisites: BUS 505A.

MBA 692 Social, Legal and Ethical Aspects of Business

This course is structured to create an awareness of and sensitivity to the social, legal, and ethical issues which influence the management of business enterprises. Topics such as strategy and the nonmarket environment, nonmarket strategies and government institutions, government and markets, international business and nonmarket issues, and ethics and responsibility are considered.

Elective Courses

MBA 605 Entrepreneurial Management

An overview of the managerial function of operating a small business enterprise with emphasis on planning, organizing, and controlling. Specific attention is given to demand analysis, to developing the business plan, and to financing sources including the Small Business Administration. Innovation is the key concept of this course.

MBA 607 Business Consulting

This course concerns itself with the planning and implementation strategies for a consulting concern. The course will focus on elements of a consulting practice such as defining, structuring, and positioning of the business for financial success. The importance of proper marketing techniques, as well as fee-setting and legal considerations of a consulting practice will be examined.

MBA 614 Cross Cultural Management

International managers require sensitivity to the need to adapt their leadership and management skills and practices to culture-bound differences in workplace behavior and attitudes. This course explores how differences in cultural core values shape the behavior and attitudes of workers, managerial colleagues, and negotiating partners.

MBA 630 Quality Management

Study of the history, concepts and tools of Total Quality Management (TQM). Topics include defining product and service quality requirements, costs of quality, benchmarking, statistical quality control, process improvement and team building. Prerequisites: MBA 505B or consent of instructor.

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