Program Overview

The Master of Science in Entrepreneurial Management (MSEM) is a lockstep program specifically designed to prepare individuals to lead entrepreneurial ventures in a global environment by offering comprehensive study and proficiency enhancement in decision making, human resource responsibilities, entrepreneurial and management skills. The program is designed for individuals from diverse management undergraduate backgrounds and will provide a high-level of interaction with international organizations and students.

MSEM Program Goals

Graduates of the (MSEM) Program should be able to:

  1. Critically analyze business situations to facilitate effective managerial decision-making.
  2. Demonstrate professional written and oral communication skills.
  3. Master the essential elements of entrepreneurship for the creation and implementation of new ventures.
  4. Become ethical and socially responsible business leaders

The MSEM degree consists of ten courses (30 credits) starting in the Fall semester.

MSEM curriculum:

Semester 1
Strategy Formulation, Implementation & Entrepreneurship
Research in Management
Entrepreneurial Management
Social, Legal and Ethical Aspects of Business

Semester 2
Human Resource Management
Business Consulting
Cross Cultural Management
New Venture Strategies

Semester 3
Capstone Project Integration: Current Business Issues
Leadership & Organizational Behavior