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Student Experiences

Student Experiences

"One may be inspired by the career of others; by thinking about what others do, by hearing about what others do, or even by watching what others do. One will never be sure, however, if such career is right for them unless they try it for themselves and have their own experiences. The Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC) program gives the opportunity for students to actually experience that what they admire and are inspired by, and make reality out of what, one day, was a mere dream; and I am living proof of that!"

- Poincyane Assis
Student Experiences

"I think that the MARC represents what every minority student interested in research would want. It is giving everyone a chance to explore research as an area of interest."

- Frantz Moise
Student Experiences

"My participation in the MARC program is definitely one of the most remarkable experiences of my undergraduate career. As a MARC trainee, my time at Barry was filled with much excitement as I had the opportunity to explore my interest in pursuing a career in science. More importantly, the challenges I faced as part of my experience allowed me to grow as a person and as a future scientist. To me, MARC represents much more than an academic program. As I embark on this journey to pursue my desire of earning a PhD, I will be sure to look back at the training I received while in MARC, knowing that it has prepared me well for the rigors of graduate study."

- Emir Rubi
Student Experiences

"Thanks to the Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC) program, I was able to accomplish my goal of getting into graduate school. For this, I am eternally grateful."

- Krystal Lago

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