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Presentations at Biomedical Seminar Series

Trainees also make formal oral presentations of their research to the Barry community, during the weekly Biomedical Seminar Series.

Seminar SeriesSeminar Series

Some recent presentations include:

PresenterTitleResearch Site
Bruno, LaunieStudy of the physical state of grapheme oxide using Dynamic Light Scattering and Zeta Potential MeasurementsUniversity of Miami, FL
Davila, AlecMetabolic differences in long chain fatty acid metabolism of the right and left ventricle after extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in the immature pigUniversity of Washington-Seattle, WA
De Verteuil, PreciousIdentification of Novel Second Site Suppressor Mutations in the HIV-1 CapsidVanderbilt University, TN
El-Amin, KhalidPerceptions of Justice as Predictor of Student MisconductBarry University, FL
Lopez, NicoleEffect of Cigarette Smoke on the number of ciliated cells in human tracheal epitheliumUniversity of Miami, FL
Tirado, AndreaDiversity of Executive Functions: Updating, Shifting, and InhibitionUniversity of Minnesota-Minneapolis, MN

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