Welcome to the Andreas School of Business, Master of Business Administration Program

The Master of Business Administration is a comprehensive program designed to provide students with a global business perspective and tools for intelligent problem solving by using best practices and contemporary methodologies. The Andreas School of Business MBA program will prepare you to face the challenging, competitive and dynamic business world.

The Barry Experience

We believe that being a business leader is not only about making profits, it is also about sustainability: ensuring the well-being of our world for generations to come.  Our students understand that they are the ones to provide reliable business practices in order to maintain the stability of our economic, cultural, social, and global environment; they are the individuals that will change the way society does business domestically and globally. Learn how our students become great leaders.

Choose Your Path

Barry University's MBA program allows students to study what they truly desire. Choose from one of our six MBA specializations or one of our four dual degree programs. Also, we recently launched a double degree program that allows students to earn an MBA at Barry University as well as an MBA from another institution abroad. 

Applying to the MBA Program

The MBA program has three start terms - fall, spring and summer - allowing you to apply when the time is right for you. And because of our flexible program options, you can create your own timeline for completion. If you are ready to begin pursuing an MBA, then apply now to our internationally-recognized MBA program.