MBA and MS students visit the Marlins Park Stadium

On April 15th, our Sports and Business MBA and MS students visited the Marlins Park Stadium to learn the ins and outs of the Human Resources program.

Dr. Daniel Rosenberg brought his Human Resource class to a Marlins game. The class received a wonderful presentation from the Human Resource manager and one of the D. Inez Andreas School of Business alumni who currently holds a position as the Marketing Director.

“It’s incredible to see how HR does not just manage the administration part but also manages all the players and all the logistics of how the benefits are for the clearance and the administrators. That’s a really interesting point I learned today,” said Daniela Ulloa.

“It’s a really extravagant site to see and to be a part of it is a great experience for me as a Barry student in fact this is my first experience, here at Marlins Park and to experience this event as a Barry student is really incredible,” said James Casanova.

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