Financial Aid

Deferred Payment Plan (DPP)

Barry University allows students to divide all or part of a single term's educational expenses into three convenient monthly payments (offered for courses of 12 weeks or more). There are no interest charges. However, there is a per-plan processing fee of $50.00. The first payment is due upon registration, and the next two payments will be due on the first of the next two following months. If you select a Deferred Payment Plan, you must sign a contract which outlines the payment amounts and due dates. There is a $500.00 penalty assessed for late payments after ten (10) days. Reminder notices are sent ten (10) days before the due date.

Barry also offers a two-payment plan for courses of 10 weeks. The first payment is due upon registration; the second is due in five weeks. There is a $50 Deferred Payment Plan Fee.

Note: There are no payment plans for courses less than 10 weeks.

Tuition Payment Plan

Barry University offers the services of Tuition Management Systems, Inc. (TMS), providing an alternative method of paying for tuition and fees. TMS can assist you in budgeting monthly payments for tuition and fees and offer a wide range of financing alternatives. Since many of these plans require payments beginning in the summer preceding your first semester at Barry University , we encourage you, if you are interested, to contact Tuition Management Systems at for additional information.