The purpose of Barry's Ecological Sustainability Team (BEST) is to address environmental issues and to increase sustainability throughout all of the Barry University campuses and facilities through efforts such as recycling, double-sided printed or paperless correspondence, reduced energy consumption, education and awareness of ecological impacts, and promotion of Earth-friendly practices.

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The Mission Effectiveness Committee is a standing committee of the Barry Law School faculty. Its purpose is to further mission identity and organize events, programs, and opportunities for service and spiritual growth for the Law School community. Members are appointed by the dean and include representatives of selected student organizations. The Coordinator of the Law School’s Office of Mission Engagement serves as an ex-officio co-chair of the MEC.

Mission Integration Council (MIC)

The Mission Integration Council (MIC) is a standing committee constituted by the president to offer a forum for a more integrated and purposeful campus-wide effort toward understanding the University’s mission and our Catholic, Dominican heritage, and identity. This Council, made up of students, faculty, and staff, ensures that mission-related activities permeate the life of the university and foster individual and communal transformation in the communities we serve.

Mission Integration Council members that have served for at least four years become Mission Ambassadors.

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