Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)

Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)

Undergraduate students are invited to participate in a leadership certificate program during the fall semester, which includes self-discovery, team building, and reflection. This cohort program introduces students to the Social Change Model of Leadership Development through fun, hands-on sessions featuring guest speakers and Peer Mentors.

Once participants complete the ELP certificate, students are encouraged to apply for campus leadership positions such as Student Government, Resident Assistant, Service Fellows, Ambassadors, O-Team, and others as well as develop on-going mentoring relationships with upperclassmen, university staff, and faculty.

Program Logistics

  • Session 1: Thursday, September 12th
  • Session 2: Thursday, September 19th
  • Mentoring Meeting: September 22-28
  • Session 3: Thursday, October 3rd
  • Session 4: Thursday, October 10th
  • Mentoring Meeting: October 13-19
  • Session 5: Thursday, October 24th
  • Session 6: Thursday, October 31st

All sessions will take place in Weber Grand Hall from 3-5pm.

Program Commitment

  • 6 leadership sessions during the fall semester
  • 2 meetings with Peer Mentor during designated mentoring weeks
  • 2 on campus events
  • Complete a day of service

Please check back soon for updated dates for Fall 2020

For more information, contact us at leadership@barry.edu or 305-899-3599.