The Office of Mission Engagement promotes personal and institutional reflection about our Dominican heritage. Ideas for the use of reflection time in various settings are listed below.

Ideas for Student Reflection

Because we are a faith-based university, it is most appropriate to explore the implications of faith and values in the classroom. Some ideas adapted from the University of the Incarnate Word for initiating class discussions include:

  • Ask students to spend a few minutes reflecting on a specific paragraph from Barry University‚Äôs Mission statement and discuss how it relates to their class, major, or a recent experience.
  • Ask students to take charge of opening the class with a brief reflection of their own.
  • Ask students to spend a moment in silent reflection or prayer for the world or for some current major crisis.
  • Ask students if they have any special intentions that they would like everyone to pray for during the day.
  • Over the course of the semester, have each student report on what personal insights he or she has gained from engaging in any of the four Core Commitments.
  • Post a spiritual thought for the week in your classroom and draw attention to it at the beginning of class.