Sustainability Initiatives

OME furthers the mission of Barry University and of its sponsor, the Dominican Sisters of Adrian, Michigan, by recognizing the sacredness of Earth, and engaging in meaningful efforts toward social change. Increasing environmental stresses call each of us and our University to create responses that will support ecological sustainability for future generations.

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Center for the Advanced Study of Environmental and Earth Law

Barry’s Center for Advanced Study of Environmental and Earth Law provides innovative and practical academic programs designed to equip graduates to step into the legal world with broad vision and focused academic experience. Through the center, Barry offers students a comprehensive array of leading environmental programs.

Center for Earth Jurisprudence

The Center for Earth Jurisprudence (CEJ) is housed at the Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law in Orlando, Florida. The mission of the center is to create laws that recognize and protect nature’s rights to exist and be healthy. CEJ’s work is based upon three core concepts: that humans are an integral part of nature; that we have a fundamental responsibility to protect the long-term health of natural communities; and that our current legal systems fail to recognize nature’s rights to exist and flourish. Barry University stands in a rich Catholic and Dominican tradition that honors the sacredness of creation and justice for all peoples. CEJ furthers this vision by promoting laws and legal responses that support an ecologically sustainable future for all. Click here to view a short documentary about the CEJ.

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BEST (Barry’s Ecological Sustainability Team)

Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated across the global community. Barry University joins this celebration annually, in furthering our Mission which calls us “to recognize the sacredness of Earth, and to engage in meaningful efforts toward social change.” The BEST committee organizes activities, presentations, movie screenings, and a vendor fair to create awareness among students, faculty, and staff about ways to change behaviors to protect the planet and secure a sustainable future.


Office Supply Swap Fest

Offices with surplus office supplies are encouraged to donate the items which in turn, are offered for free to other university departments, students, faculty, and staff. These office supplies may include folders, hanging folders, inbox racks, pens, markers, paper, office art, etc. The Office Supply Swap Fest is available twice a year during the fall and spring semesters. Left over items that are in good working condition are donated to a non-profit organization.

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