Barry Ecological Sustainability Team (B.E.S.T.)

Embedded within one of Barry's Core Commitments is an expectation that all members of the Barry community "recognize the sacredness of Earth." This direction has sparked a re-invigorated spirit and the development of new ecological sustainability efforts throughout the University at the President's request. The purpose of Barry's Ecological Sustainability Team (B.E.S.T.) is to address environmental issues and to increase sustainability efforts at the University through various programming and recycling efforts with other university departments.

B.E.S.T. Committee Members

Tolan, Patrick (Co-Chair)School of Law, Associate Professor of Law
Acevedo, SandraHPLS, Administrative Coordinator
Alvarez, MariaRegistrar's Office, Operations Manager
Beltran, NicoleGraphic Design, Assistant Professor
Cameron, MattResidential Life, Director
Crayton, JustinSGA, Student
Daniels, OllieSchool of Education, Associate Professor
Deganian, DavidSchool of Law, Visiting Assistant Professor
Elliot, DougSchool of Law, Chief Advancement Officer
Engle, BrettonSchool of Social Work, Assistant Professor
Envall, AmySchool of Law, Director of Academic Success
Farrell, JillSchool of Education, Associate Dean
Finley, LauraSociology and Criminology, Assistant Professor
Fletcher, DaveEnrollment Services, Senior Director of Graduate Admissions
Fothergill, LauraDoIT, Trainer
Lasky, CynthiaSchool of Education, Assistant Professor
Leano, ChristinaDe Porres Center for Community Service, Coordinator
Leske, KevinSchool of Law, Associate Professor
Ng-A-Fook, WesleyDoIT, Project Portfolio Manager
Ramlow, PatriciaMission Engagement, Director
Rosen, LouisSchool of Law, Reference Librarian and Assistant Professor of Law Library
Queral, CarmenP.A. Program, Director of Clinical Site Development and Assistant Professor
Siemen, PatriciaSchool of Law, Director CEJ/Coordinator Mission Integration
Soto, MonicaFacilities, Associate VP Business Service and Facilities Management
Wilcox, JoelDepartment of Theology and Philosophy, Professor of Philosophy