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About the MSW Program

In 1966, Barry University established its first graduate school of social work program in South Florida. The MSW degree program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and the curriculum of the School is planned in accordance with the standards set by the council (program assessment results). The Master of Social Work degree program offers a curriculum that is framed in a trauma-informed resiliency framework. At the foundation level, students are introduced to a generalist practice perspective. At the advanced level, the program offers a single concentration in clinical social work practice.

Our School of Social Work MSW Program is considered accelerated because it is a trimester; students are enrolled fall, spring, and summer. A semester consists of 14 weeks. The MSW program is offered at three locations:

Full-time MSW Program

Barry University School of Social Work offers a Master of Social Work program, which is normally completed in 14 months (four semesters). Sixty (60) credit hours of required social work courses and electives are necessary for completion of the program.

Advanced Standing 32 Credit Program

The School of Social Work also offers an Advanced Standing Master of Social Work program, which allows BSW students to complete the MSW program in one year. Students may also elect to attend on a part-time basis, which allows for completion of the program in 4 consecutive semesters. Advanced Standing applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree in social work from a program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and meet certain other specific requirements. Students in the Advanced Standing program complete 32 credit hours of required social work courses and electives.

Part-Time MSW Program

The part-time MSW program is designed to allow students who cannot pursue full-time study to work toward a MSW degree within a structured, time-extended basis. Students may apply to either the Advanced Standing or Traditional MSW program as a part-time student. We offer evening and weekend classes to accommodate the work schedules of part-time students.

Why choose Barry University’s MSW Program

  • Small class sizes
    We develop our course schedules in a way that ensures our classrooms support a mutually respectful, collegial environment for student learning. Class sizes generally vary from 15 to 23 students.
  • Student-Centered Program
    School administrators and faculty are committed to a student centered learning environment. We value the contribution of each student in and outside the classroom. We respect students as adult learners and thus seek to nurture and support each student in a way that advances professional growth and development.

    We offer a series of professional development events, mid-semester stress relief events, and we often boast about our faculty availability and extend to students the opportunity to engage in mentorship for scholarly work with professors. Our students present at national and state conferences and attend LEAD day in Tallahassee, Florida to meet with the legislators.

    Our part time program has been redesigned to reflect the demands of the working professional.
  • Advanced Clinical Practice Trauma-Informed Curriculum
    New innovative curriculum with observations rooms, video recording, and excellent field placements to support classroom learning.
  • Because you want a quality education

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