Barry Rowing 2nd at SSC Championships

FELLSMERE, Fla. -- Barry University's rowing crew finished second in the Sunshine State Conference Championships Saturday at Canal 54.

Barry had 11 points. Nova Southeastern was first with 20. Rollins was third with 10.

Barry's varsity 8+ crew of: cox Grace Horwitz, stroke Kristina Boncheva, Kelly Harrison, Renee Forcier, Kasia Walentynowicz, Courtney Greene, Helene Pierre, Mandy Carper and bow Rebekah Kilroy posted a time of 7:33, finishing behind Nova Southeastern. The Buccaneers picked up nine points for their efforts in the race.

The Bucs had a time of 7:13 in the time trials.

In the varsity 4+ time trial, Barry's crew of cox Savanna Luberto, stroke Haley Stark, Jen Feriozzi, Ashante Richard and bow Samantha McKenzie finished fourth in 8:37. Nova had the best time in the time trial in 7:54 on the 2,000-meter course. The Bucs finished fourth in the event to earn two points.

Barry will compete in the Dad Vails regatta in Philadedlphia  May 11-12.


SSC Final Standings
Plc.    Team                    Total Pts.
1.      Nova Southeastern       20
2.      Barry                  11
3.      Rollins                 10
4.      Tampa                 9

Varsity 4+ FINAL
Plc.    Team                    Time            Total Pts.
1.      Nova  Southeastern      8:12.30                 8
2.      Tampa                   8:41.10                 6
3.      Rollins                 8:58.10                 4
4.      Barry                  8:37.00                  2 (Barry finishes fourth based on finish in timed trials)

EXH.    Nova Southeastern       8:20.60

Varsity 8+ FINAL
Plc.    Team                    Time            Total Pts.
1.      Nova Southeastern       7:22.60      12
2.      Barry                   7:33.00                 9
3.      Florida Tech            7:48.80                 --

Plc.    Team                    Time            Total Pts.
1       Rollins                 8:08.70                 6
2       Tampa                   8:25.00               3