Barry Construction Update – Here's what you missed this summer

Barry Construction Update – Here's what you missed this summer


Three months is not a long time, but members of the Barry community returning to campus this fall for the first time since May will notice a few changes. In an effort to continue providing a campus environment that is attractive and welcoming to all, facilities management has been busy this summer with some state of the art updates. Here’s what you missed:

Residence Hall Refurb:

After last summer’s overhaul to the community restrooms in Dalton & Dunspaugh and Weber Halls, facility management spent this summer renovating shared restrooms in Dalton & Dunspaugh, Weber, and Flood Halls. New showers, toilets, and tiles were added as part of routine maintenance and to add increased comfort and attractiveness. New water-saving fixtures were installed with an aim of decreasing environmental impact and creating a more sustainable campus.

Browne Hall received a facelift in the form of new air conditioning units in each suite. The new high efficiency units will add increased comfort to student life through improved air quality while reducing Barry’s impact on the natural environment.

In addition to the on-campus housing, refurbishments were made in Holly House Apartments as well. The building was outfitted with new exterior handrails with a focus on student safety. Select units in the building received a kitchen makeover with new cabinets and specialized dining area lighting. The changes were implemented to improve student luxury and scholastic productivity.

Color Splash:

Several buildings on campus received a color splash this summer with a renewed focus on Barry’s black and red. The Andreas, Garner, and Powers buildings were the first to receive the new paint scheme. Black and red have been Barry’s primary colors since its founding in 1940. The colors were selected because of their significance to the Dominican Order and university founder Bishop Patrick Barry. The colors will be added to more buildings throughout the 2013-14 school year.

In addition to the color infusion, several buildings were painted as part of routine maintenance. The buildings that received the upgrade include Powers, the Barry Memorial Library, Lehman, and Mottram-Doss Hall.

Something’s Missing Here:

Barry community members traversing along NE 2nd Avenue may notice the absence of the St. Catherine Building on the corner of NE 117th Street. Don’t worry, your eyes don’t deceive you – the building is gone. The St. Catherine Building was leveled to make room for future development. While no immediate plans exist, the University Master Plan is currently being updated to consider future development.