13th Biennial Colloquium of Dominican Colleges and Universities: Call for Papers

13th Biennial Colloquium of Dominican Colleges and Universities: Call for Papers

13th Biennial Colloquium of Dominican Colleges and Universities
Malloy College – Rockville Centre, New York
June 12-15, 2014

Call for Papers/Posters/Panel Presentations:

The Dominican Charism in American Higher Education (2013) is a guiding light for Dominican Higher Education. We are reminded of key practices essential to connecting contemplation with social justice. These themes include nurturing a contemplative spirit, promoting the arts, making connections, preaching justice, building community, cultivating diversity, inspiring compassion, and promoting the common good.

The 13th Biennial Colloquium of Dominican Colleges and Universities will be held this year at Molloy College in Rockville Centre, NY. We encourage you to submit proposals that reflect any or all of the above themes, and demonstrate the following:

•     What creative teaching practices have you developed that inspire students to promote greater social and economic justice through their local, national or global communities?

•     In what ways have you been able to inspire compassion in your students and what have been the results with regard to their commitment to, and understanding of, social justice?

•     How has the integration of contemplative practices within your work contributed to greater awareness of oppression and social injustices?

•     In what ways does your curriculum specifically contribute to engagement with community (local, national and/or global) and greater social good?

We welcome proposals for Paper, Poster, or Panel presentations that connect to the themes of the Colloquium, from all areas of the curriculum as well as Campus Ministries, Student Affairs, Service Learning, International Learning, and other collegiate programs.  Students are also encouraged to submit proposals.  Successful proposals will clearly integrate the themes described above.

Proposals should consist of:

1) The goal of the presentation
2) A 250 word abstract of the content
3) The structure of the session (panel, paper, poster, workshop)
4) Contact information of the proposer and all other presenters
5) Audiovisual needs

Please forward your proposals electronically by December 13, 2013 to: Melissa McCardle, PhD, LCSW at mmccardle@molloy.edu

If you are interested in collaborating on a proposal, please contact: Office of Mission Engagement at mie@barry.edu