School of Social Work awarded $2.6 million federal grant

School of Social Work awarded $2.6 million federal grant

Barry University's School of Social Work has been awarded a $2.6 million federal grant from the Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA). The grant will be distributed over the course of four years at $650,000 each year.

The HRSA grant will provide scholarship dollars for a new student program called Social Work CONNECT, a graduate, educational opportunity program that provides aspiring social work students who are socio-economically challenged with additional educational resources and financial support that would assist them in the pursuit of a clinical social work career. Students of Social Work CONNECT will receive a series of academic supports, mentoring, and professional seminars to advance their trauma-informed social work education in the service of medically underserved communities. 

Students receiving scholarship assistance through the grant will work in behavioral health settings, medically under-served communities and mental health clinics, providing them with experiential learning in behavioral health work.

The grant is available to 15 full time, new graduate students per semester. Eligible students could receive an additional $21,600 in scholarship assistance through the grant, which is on top of any merit-based assistance already being awarded.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, students must be admitted into the traditional 60-credit Master of Social Work (MSW) Program or 32 credit Advanced Standing MSW Program; demonstrate financial need; and demonstrate a commitment to work within primary care settings and medically underserved communities. Those accepted into the Social Work CONNECT program will receive: A field education internship in a primary care setting within a medically underserved community; community service and research opportunities with faculty and fellow students; and access to student support, professional development and career services.

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