Intergroup Dialogues: Religion

Intergroup Dialogues: Religion

The School of Social Work, and the Division of Student Affairs will co-sponsor, once again, intergroup dialogues for students, staff, and faculty who are interested in participating in "train the trainer" dialogues.

This year, the TRACKS Program is set to host multiple dialogues occurring on campus with the hopes of eventually integrating them with the surrounding community. You can assist to one or all dialogue series.


Nov 15th | 6-8pm
Landon events Room

What are Intergroup Dialogues?

Intergroup dialogue [IGD] is an innovative and versatile non-therapeutic group work approach that social workers can use to reduce prejudice and conflict, improve communication and relationships, and promote social change.” (Dessel, 2009, p. 81) Drawing on Contact Theory as initially conceived by Gordon Allport and advanced by Pettigrew, it is believed that prejudice can be reduced if 5 conditions are met:

  1. participants have equal status
  2. seek a shared goal
  3. dialogue within the purview of a respected organization
  4. have the same interests and a “common humanity”
  5. have the potential to become friends with one another

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