Criminal Background Check and Drug Screening

Clinical agencies require students to be fingerprinted, pass drug screening and background checks, and clear the HHS/OIG list of excluded individuals and the GSA list of parties excluded from federal programs. Compliance with this requirement and satisfactory findings are essential for clinical placement and progression. Students who fail to submit to a background check or students whose background checks indicate a conviction as specified in Florida Statutes, Title XXXI, Labor Chapter 435 Employment Screening (level 2), or have a positive drug screen will be unable to enroll in or remain in the nursing program. Additionally, students who refuse to provide a copy of the results to a clinical agency upon request will not be able to continue in the nursing program.

You can begin the background check and drug screening application process online. This website will allow you to begin the application process and set up a method of payment to American Databank, the sole company handling the College of Nursing and Health Sciences screenings. Please note there will be a fee of $142 for the background check and drug screening. When placing your background check order, click “I want to receive a copy of my background check and drug screening.” This will enable you to have a copy of the reports that we receive. If applicable, it should be kept in your portfolio in the event a clinical agency requests to see it. Once American Data Bank receives payment, they will send you the necessary information and forms to get your drug/background check processed.

Substance Abuse Policy

Philosophy: Barry University acknowledges the problem of substance abuse in our society and perceives this problem as a serious threat to employees and students. It is the intent of the University to establish and maintain a drug-free work place. The faculty of Barry University College of Nursing and Health Sciences believes that each nursing student has a personal obligation to practice those health conscious behaviors intended to foster clear and rational decision-making, as well as, the ability to function in a safe and therapeutic manner throughout the program of study. While we recognize chemical dependence as a disease, we believe public safety requires regulation of behavior, in addition to treatment for the disease. The university policies related to substance can be found in the current Barry University Student Handbook.

Policy: All incoming undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students for the College of Nursing and Health Sciences shall be drug screened, prior to the start of nursing courses, through arrangements made by the division and screening agency/laboratory. Students are responsible for the cost of all screenings. Information about drug screenings will be conveyed to students at the time they are approved for admission into the nursing program. The College of Nursing and Health Sciences will have access to the results of the screenings. No documentation of the results will be kept in the Division of Nursing, only a notation will be made that the drug screening was completed.

A negative drug screen will be required in order to enroll in any nursing course. Additionally, students must agree, at the time of admission into the program, to be drug screened at any time in the program. Evidence of substance abuse will result in disciplinary action up to and including administrative withdrawal.

Substance Abuse Verification Process: The College of Nursing and Health Sciences has the right to require a student to submit to testing for substance abuse at the student’s expense when the nursing program has reasonable cause to believe that a student is abusing alcohol or controlled substances.

Begin your background check and drug screening application process online.

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