ENG 111/112English Composition and Research
SPE 101Fundamentals of Speech
BIO 220Introductory Human Anatomy (with lab)
BIO 240Introduction to Human Physiology (with lab)
BIO 253Introductory Microbiology (with lab)
CHE 152Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry with lab
(equivalent chemistry course with labs will be considered in lieu of Biochemistry)
MAT 152Elementary Probability & Statistics
PSY 281Introduction to Psychology
PSY 283Developmental Psychology
SOSAny History, Economics, Geography, Political Science
PHIPhilosophy Distribution
PHI 353Bio-Medical Ethics (can be taken with nursing classes, if accepted to the BSN program)
THETheology Distribution
HUM and ARTSHumanities and Arts Distribution (9 credits – humanities, an art, and an additional humanities or art)
DIN 271Nutrition in Clinical Care
CS 180Introduction to Computers