RN-to-BSN Online Program

The RN-to-BSN option consists of 27 nursing credits. Upon completion of these credits, and completion or transfer of required prerequisite courses, students will earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Our four semester distance learning program is competitively priced at $3000/semester + $100 technology fee.


To be considered for admission, students must meet the following minimum requirements :

  • Graduate of a state-approved diploma or associate degree program
  • Current unencumbered U.S. RN license
  • Cumulative college GPA of at least 2.5
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Compliance with health and regulatory requirements
  • Grade C or better in liberal arts and sciences courses

An affordable tuition package for Baptist Health South Florida RNs

A BSN from a well-established, reputable university will prepare you to advance your career. Barry University’s four-semester, online program will help you achieve
your goals. Take advantage of this special opportunity for Baptist Health RNs only: the Barry-Baptist (B2) Access Grant

  • This unique program will provide qualified candidates a grant up to $1,500 per semester.
  • Combined with the Baptist Health tuition reimbursement plan, the out-of-pocket expense per semester for a quality BSN program is only $375 in tuition plus a $100 technology fee.
  • Your cost: $475/semester


Please contact one of our RN-to-BSN advisors by completing this short form.