Prerequisites – RN-to-BSN Option

Prerequisite requirements can be met through several methods: CLEP, nursing mobility, achievement examinations or its equivalents, proficiency examinations, transfer credits, correspondence courses, or by enrolling in courses at Barry University. To be accepted, transfer credit must have been completed with at least a grade of C at a regionally accredited college or university.

ENG 111/112English Composition and Research
SPE 101Fundamentals of Speech
BIO 220Introductory Human Anatomy (with lab)
BIO 240Introduction to Human Physiology (with lab)
BIO 253Introductory Microbiology (with lab)
CHE 152Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry (with lab) & supplemental instruction)
MAT 152Elementary Probability & Statistics
PSY 281Introduction to Psychology
PSY 382Developmental Psychology
SOSAny History, Economics, Geography, Political Science
PSY/SOCOne course in either of these areas
PHI/THEPhilosophy and Theology courses (6 credits)
THE/PHI 353Bio-Medical Ethics
CSComputer Elective
HUM and ARTSHumanities and Arts Distribution (9 credits)
OPENOpen Elective

Alternatives to Earn Credit

The RN to BSN program is designed to be 15-months (four semesters) long, but the time in the program may vary dependent upon the option chosen, amount of acceptable transfer credit; success in completion of CLEP, proficiency, and nursing examinations; and part-time or full-time status.

Proficiency exams are available in Biochemistry, Human Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, and Nursing Research. Registered nurses who are graduates of accredited associate degree programs in the state of Florida will be awarded 32 credits towards their bachelor's degree after successfully completing 21 credits of nursing courses at Barry and submission of a portfolio. There is a $35 per credit fee for each credit awarded. Those RNs who do not meet these criteria earn 32 nursing credits through examination by taking the nursing mobility exams through Excelsior College.

To register for the Excelsior College examinations and obtain study guides for these examinations, please contact Excelsior College directly at (518)464-8500 ext.16. Registered nurse students may take these exams in any order they choose. It is advisable to begin testing as early in the program as possible. These exams may be repeated once; after the second failed attempt, the student will be asked to enroll in the corresponding course or a tutorial for that course. Tutorials may be taken for credit/no credit only. There is a $35 per credit fee for each credit by examination awarded.

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