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Course Plan for the Doctorate in Nursing Practice

The Doctorate in Nursing Practice program requires at least 38 credits beyond the master’s degree in nursing and is designed to meet the needs of students through part-time study while maintaining outside employment.

This program allows you to complete the DNP program within six semesters (two years) plus the completion of the Capstone project and 500 clinical hours.

Year 1 - FallNUR 721: Scientific Foundations for DNP (3)

NUR 711: Role of the DNP (2)
Year 1 - SpringNUR 727: Healthcare Informatics for DNP (3)

NUR 733: Translational Research for DNP (4)
Spring IntersessionNUR 760: Bioethics (3)
Year 1 - SummerNUR 741: Epidemiology & Biostatistics (3)
Year 2 - FallNUR 751: Healthcare Economics for DNP (3)

NUR 747: Evaluation Methods for DNP (3)
Year 2 - SpringNUR 742: Global Leadership Strategies (3)

NUR753: Capstone Seminar II (2)
Year 2 - SummerNUR 803: Residency (4)
Year 3 - Fall - CapstoneNUR 807: Capstone (4)

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